Monday, 14 January 2013

14 Jan - Homework

- Go the to student's blog and, if you are interested, sign up for the programme
- Read the class committee roles and responsibilities

- Bring $4 and wear full school uniform tomorrow as we have a photo taking session for our NRIC

- Read the five paragraph essay sample and complete the outline behind
- Jot down your findings on the summary sheet

Higher Chinese
- 课本第2夜,思考第2-4提
- FUNpack, check the googlesite if you lost the piece of paper (due this Friday)
- Bring notebook/chinese foolscap

- Complete the questions on the Maths blog
- Worksheet A01A - Functions (By Tuesday)
- Worksheet A01B - Polynomials (By Thursday)
- Worksheet A01C - Long Division (By Friday)
- Common mistakes made by students when doing algebraic fractions 
- Bring a notebook that can fit into your pocket

- Complete page 5 of the worksheet
- Bring your practical workbook tomorrow

- Bring Practical workbook (if you don't have it, tell Justin)
- Watch the video on the Bio blog before Wednesday
- Highlight objective of each experiment
- Create flowchart for each experiment on practical book
- Jot down expected results for each experiment
- Highlight learning objectives on worksheet
- Complete the spreadsheet by tonight


Social Studies
- Read The Straits Times, Time, Newsweek, New York Times
- Get your green files ready
- Do Page 4, 6 and 7 of the Venice Package

- Complete the card (name, decoration and description of yourself)

- That one worksheet. 

- Mock NAPFA test for the remaining station next lesson
- Train hard
- If you fail the mock test, there will be remedial 
- Aim for Silver

Design Studies
- Complete that research assignment
- Meet up with your groups to do your project (the school canteen thing)

- Research with your group members about your topic that you are to debate about (Week 3)
- Biotech mini quiz on pg3-6 and pg37-41

Media Studies (AKA Justin)
- Do all my readings! 
- Start chope-ing actors. 
- Worry about MS life OAO 
- Buy Purple Arch File!!!
- Collate my notes. 

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