Friday, 11 January 2013

11 Jan - Homework


- Go the to student's blog and, if you are interested, sign up for the programme
- Read the class committee roles and responsibilities
- Accept the blog invitation in your SST email
- Read the five paragraph essay sample and complete the outline behind, Ms Chua will go through it next Tuesday
- Presentation of findings using summary sheet next Tuesday
- Extensive Reading Programme (ERP) briefing next Tuesday
- Ms Chua will assign sci & tech topics for research and presentation for alternative assessment

Higher Chinese
- 修辞 -> 夸张手法
- 人物描写
  • 动作
  • 语言
  • 肖像

- FUNpack, check the googlesite if you lost the piece of paper (due next Friday)

- Practice 2-5 in the notes-book
- Complete assignment 1 at the back of chapter 1 on foolscap

- Target Setting at (by this Friday)
- Complete page 5 of the worksheet

- Group work, work in your groups of 5 that you had for the linoit exercise (by Sunday night)
  1. What is the definition (legally and medically) of death?
  2. How has the definition of death changed through the years and how does it vary across cultures?
  3. What are some criteria the medical community uses to determine if one is “brain dead”?
  4. Describe some difference between “persistent vegetative state” and “brain death”
  5. What are some of the ethical implications of these definitions of death? Provide some real-life examples


Social Studies
- Read The Straits Times, Time, Newsweek, New York Times

- Complete the card (name, decoration and description of yourself)

- That one worksheet. 

- Mock NAPFA test for the remaining station next lesson
- Train hard
- If you fail the mock test, there will be remedial 
- Aim for Silver

Design Studies
- Complete that research assignment
- Meet up with your groups to do your project (the school canteen thing)

- Research with your group members about your topic that you are to debate about (Week 3)
- Biotech mini quiz on pg3-6 and pg37-41

Media Studies (AKA Justin)
- Do all my readings! 
- Start chope-ing actors. 
- Worry about MS life OAO 
- Buy Purple Arch File!!!
- Collate my notes. 

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  1. Side note, FOE students to complete tutorial 1 by next Thursday